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Ariel and cut tari in Video

Cut Tari Ariel Hot video become a trending topics in twitter these day, several days ago ariel peterpan was become a trending topics with his hot video with luna maya, and now a Cut tary Ariel Hot Video was spread all over the internet. until now the keywords of Cut Tari Ariel Hot Video was become a hot news in indonesia. is the cut tari ariel video is true a real ariel and cut tari? who knows?

After the video 'Luna Maya-Ariel', porn videos like Ariel and Dance Cut back to make a scene. These two porn stars in this video, has a similar strong possibility Cut Tari and Ariel.

"Dance Cut 90 percent of likely similar, if less than 70 percent of Ariel," said Abhimanyu Wahjoewidajat IT observers during conversation with okezone in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/08/2010).

Abhimanyu explained, in the video the man's face is not visible stars. While women are like Cut Tari more clearly than men in the video.

Regarding the location of these scenes, Abhimanyu could not be sure whether it happened in a hotel or apartment. Because, her door open so you can open it done in the apartment.

But may also at the hotel, because the sweet rooms have a living room and bedroom, so that could have opened the door like that.

Here's a proof if cut tari ariel hot video was a real video. on this picture we can see if ariel watch are similar with the man in the hot video.