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Test Keperawanan (Kegadisan) Untuk Masuk SMA

National Commission for Child Protection to assess the discourse of virginity tests for girls in the admission of new students in Jambi, as violations of child rights. That idea is also a form of discrimination because only women students are undergoing tests.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Commission for Child Protection Seto Mulyadi in Jakarta, recently, say, moral intelligence and spiritual children must be developed and directed. But implementation is not a way to make children become ashamed.

Discourse controversial parliament asked members of the Commission IV of Jambi Province. They proposed the acceptance of new students for junior high schools, high schools, and State Universities in Jambi to go through the test of virginity.

One of the initiators of discourse that is Bambang Bayu Suseno. He said the test was done to curb the rampant sex behavior among students.

According to Bambang, promiscuity teen Jambi is now cause for concern, while the supervision of the school and the parents considered weak. Bambang said the tests conducted is also not a physical test, but in the form of interview or counseling with a psychologist.

Bambang aware if it will lead to virginity testing pros and cons in the community. Therefore, it is open for discussion in order to obtain input from various parties. If discourse passes, the plan will be elaborated in the draft regulations or draft regulations