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Luna Bethelen - Download Youtube Videos Luna Bethelen on rapidshare or ziddu. The Video With titled Luna Bethelen the duration of one minute 12 seconds. Images of men and women in the video is very clear, especially the man wearing two necklaces. The scene was done in a wood-paneled rooms and tin-roofed.

While the women are quite beautiful, white, and straight-haired look, hiding his face. However, the face of the woman in the video is still visible. After a splashy video nasty and Peterpan Luna Maya, now the parents of Amurang, South Minahasa, North Sulawesi, re-circulation of a video nasty fret over titled Luna Bethelen among teenagers.

Amurang worried parents in their children got older affected new recordings that look deliberately created by a male perpetrator. "As a parent I am concerned because the name video as quickly once the outbreak was from fellow mobile phone that has advanced facilities. Scared my child disclosed the theme, it will be as bad behavior," said Esther (55), a homemaker, Sunday (29 / 8 / 2010).

Esther increasingly concerned that information was circulated to mention that the perpetrators of women in the video is from a village Bethelen, Tombatu District, Southeast Minahasa (Partner), so the title became Luna Bethelen.