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Artist is Different From Other.

No matter how much they try to convince people that they are just like the rest, celebrities will never succeed, because the truth is that they enjoy certain benefits that come from their life as stars and the media attention they receive, like getting out of jail instead of being convicted for a DUI, let's say. While the non-famous people struggle to get their heads out of legal matters such as that, when it comes to celebrities, all they have to say is that they admit their mistakes and the mighty court will understand their regret and let them go with just an insignificant fine.

This is what happened this week, twice, in the case of former star of "The O.C." teen drama, Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton's brother, Barron Hilton. They have both been arrested for DUI and they both pleaded guilty and escaped doing jail time. Because they chose to plead no contest to the accusation they've been served with, neither of the Tinseltown "sweethearts" had to learn how to dance the "Jailhouse Rock".

Mischa Barton was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana and driving without a license in February, following her arrest in West Hollywood in December. She accepted a plea deal by admitting the DUI offense in return for prosecutors dropping the marijuana charge and reducing the driving without a license charge to an infraction. She has been sentenced to three years unsupervised probation and it was also ruled that she must complete a three-month alcohol-education class and pay a fine of approximately $2,000.

According to Mischa's lawyer, this was a "very fair" decision of the Court and enough to make the 22-year-old actress learn her lesson and stay away from making the same mistake. Mischa herself stated that she was disappointed in her own person, right after having been bailed on a $10,000 bond, and that her intention is to keep that as a singular incident in her record.

Things were pretty similar in Barron Hilton's case, as well. He was arrested in February for DUI and driving with a fake driver's license. The 18-year-old was busted on the spot after he knocked off a gas station employee in his attempt to leave the place. When his blood alcohol was checked, it confirmed the policemen's suspicion of heavy intoxication, as his blood alcohol reading was .14, when .08 was the legally drunk limit, for people over 21.

His big sister, Paris refused to bail him out for $20,000 because she said he had to learn his lesson and face the consequences of his actions, although the socialite herself had been through a DUI arrest and was quickly released on bail. Luckily for him, his lawyer managed to keep his butt out of jail as he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and driving with a fake license. He got 3 years on probation, one year of suspended license, a $2,000 fine and three months of mandatory alcohol education programs instead. Judging by these facts, when you are a star and you admit your mistakes with the cutest puppy eyes ever, every judge in the world will melt and grant you your much-desired freedom.